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London City of Sin Tour

Written on March 28, 2019 at 03:53 pm by admin

London City of Sin tour consists of a 2-hour walking tour across the city starting from the Waterloo station and culminating at the London Bridge. Under its slick skyscrapers, beautiful parks, and glitzy trappings, the city of London is hiding some sinful stories. On this two hour walk the local public and people who come from around the globe, uncover the city's tales of dark sex to suicide to murder and bear baiting this two-hour walk reveals every sinful secret about the mystery city.

The tour covers some of the most famous landmarks of the city including the Millenium Bridge, National Theatre, London Bridge, London Eye, Tate Modern, Southwark Cathedral and South Bank Center. Forget the true crime podcasts; sinful tours are what you should totally go for.

The tour reveals 2000 years old secrets of the city. This walk basically, encounters the secrets which most tourists would otherwise just ignore or neglect. This tour covers the following things.


  • St. Olave'sChurch and St. Ghastly Grim

  • The hellfire club’s sinister origins

  • The London stone

  • The smallest statue in the UK

  • Postman’s park- where the brave are remembered

  • Old Tom and dirty Dick of Leadenhall

  • Narrow lanes unchanged since the middle ages

  • The Guildhall and it’s bizarre rituals

  • Modern bank heists and crime sprees

  • A building that acts as laser and melts posh cars

  • Ebenezer’s Scrooge's counting house


These are some of the few sins revealing sites of the two-hour walk.

To participate in the walk, there are no fees as such, so the people can join it for free. Moreover, the people who are a part of this walk can judge how much the walk is worth and can pay if they wish to. There is no need to register for it as well. Just be a part if this legendary walk that happens every year to explore more about the sinful city.

This tour is guided by wonders of London and takes you to plenty of wondrous places to take photos of London, and it’s most iconic festivities which are celebrated around the year And can always be a surprise for the people visiting it for the first time.

The sightseeing includes sex prostitution, murder, suicide, the birth of theatre as we know it and bear fights to know more about the darker secrets of the sinful city. After the beautiful landmarks are seen, then the participants can go to the borough market for some world famous delicacies.