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I am a busy professional and do not have too much time to socialise and meet young ladies. Escorts have been my mainstay and I keep trying out new e..

I have been with many escorts before, but something about Candy attracted me to her. I checked her profile online and was taken up by her massive br..

After my girlfriend dumped me for a richer and better-looking bloke, I was down in the dumps and wanted to get back my self-esteem. I happen to come..

I have always had a weakness of Asian escorts, especially the ones from Southea..

After years of marriage, my wife and I no longer had sex and that was troublesome for both of us. We decided to be a little adventurous and instill ..

When I was in London for a meeting, which got cancelled without a warning, I was left to my own resources. I was bored and in no mood to go out gall..

I booked Gina because she looked gorgeous and her youthful innocence mermerised me. I am glad I See more..

I had a recent break up and was in a mood of forgetting everything that had happened. One of my friends suggested me to book Ting from London Asian ..

I was feeling extremely lonely when my parents had gone for outstation trip. I was alone at home so I out called Winnie from See more..

While my short layover for a flight to Paris, I happened to be there in London. My flight got cancelled and i was promised a ticket next day. I didn..

I was in Liverpool for watching a football match. It was my dream since a long time, and I fulfilled it finally. I was there alone without my family..

I was for a two-day business trip in London when I happened to realize my work would be finished quite earlier than expected. I was stuck in London ..

I was in Manchester for watching a match of EPL. Supporting my team had never been so exciting. My friends had been to a club and I was a teetotaler..

We were in Liverpool for our fellowship. I and my wife were bored of the monotonous study we were doing. We decided to add some spice to our life. W..

While I was in Cambridge, I felt like it had been a while since I had some fun. I wanted a full-fledged sexual experience and not just a casual flin..

I am a director of a multinational company based in India. I need to make several abroad trips monthly and London stays my primary visit. This time ..

I am a solo traveller and love to explore far-away lands on my own. This time I planned on exploring UK and my intended stay in London was for two d..

I happened to be in London for doing a major eye surgery on invitation by Moorfields Eye Hospital. The operation was successful, and I had plenty of..

Okay so I have a fetish for teenagers, but I am not a pedophile at all! So, while browsing London Asian Escorts website on my holiday, I happened to..

My work depends on my travelling greatly as I work in a freelance hiring company that hires people from all over the world. My greatest clients are ..

Well, I would come straight to the point. I was feeling hot and horny and wanted to have fun with a stunning Asian babe. After careful deliberation,..

I have recently moved to London and do not have any friends her. As such I was really bored and desperately wanted a girlfriend to accompany me. But..

What to say more about Eva? Only reason to have ruled my Heart; she let me enjoy every minute of trip. Whether it was night out, private party, or w..

Such a seductress, Baby has left nothing to tickle my innermost desires and believed me get fun of dreams too. With ability to offer exclusivity int..

2. My work requires me to walk a lot on foot and climb up and down a few flight of stairs regularly, as a result I am dead tired by the end of the d..

Due to my business commitments I have to travel to London once every month. Originally, I am from India but have now been living in Sydney, Australi..

Such a perfect combination of Wine with Soda, Yanni and Yuri took me for infinite yet desired bliss. Japanese by their nationalities, they are kind-..

Tinaki has won over my Hearts for her company on city tour on the last year. A Japanese escort girl with joviality and witty nature; she turned my t..

What an angel-like escort girl in London, Wawa has been ideal partner for me ever! From her physical beauty to company on city tour, she assured me ..

Fenni deserves really to get 10 out of 10 marks for her company on my leisure tour on the last year. An Asian girl by her nationality; she is a kind..

To be very candid, Alicia is the girl, who I would love to visit every time I come to your agency. I am addicted to her, just by meeting her once. G..

What a super horny feeling it was to be with Hanna, the girl who made my day electrifying. Man! the massage and the body slides she performed over m..

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