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Earth Hour

Written on April 10, 2019 at 12:27 pm by admin


Earth Hour is organized worldwide by the World Wide Fund for Nature. This event is also called the global 'light out'.  The event is organized annually. This event encourages individuals, communities,and businesses to turn off the non-essential electric lights for one hour. This is done in order to save the planet. This event was first started in Sydney, Australia in 2007 and since then a lot of other countries have become a part of this venture. The basic motive is to promote energy consumption and its effects on the environment.

This auspicious energy saving event is supported by the world famous organizations like UNESCO, the UN environmentprogramme, the international trade union confederation, woodland, the CBRE group, the national hockey league, FIFA, UEFA, Hilton worldwide, Girl Scouts of the US, world organization of the scout moments, HSBC, Philips, IKEA, world association of the girl guides and girl scouts, the body shop and many more.

As we have discussed earlier that this event is basically organized to inform people how they can cut down their energy consumption and make this planet a better place to live in. With the expansion of this event to the rest of the world in over 6 years now, it has been observed that energy consumption has cut down by 4% over the period of time. Studies have also found that this short-term change can turn into a long term action by including sustainable changes in behavior and investment.

We live in a world where even smallest of our actions can impact the world to a very large extent, and some of those impacts are extremely harmful to the planet and most of all to us, humans. To participate in this event, one can simply switch off their power resources and save energy as this is one way to save our planet Earth. Even though this day comes ones in a year and the power consumption is only asked to reduce for an hour but as more and more people get to know about this wonderful venture, more and more people will understand that even on normal and general days, you can save energy by switching off lights at places it is not necessarily required. This is one way to save energy, and as you become an intricate part of this event, you will come to know about more and more methods by which you can save this planet and make it a more healthy place to live in.

One can simply participate in this event by switching off the power sources for an hour, no fees required. This brings in the sense of unity in the world and in the public eye to speak in general. Its main motive is to create awareness about climate change and the natural world. Plenty of landmarks in London become a part of this event. It would be a delight to watch the world heritage sights become a part of this global 'light out.'